Large Colorful Moroccan Candle Lanterns Lit with Purple RGB Uplighters Outside a Boutique Black-Tie Event Marquee

Candle Lanterns - Illuminate Your Event with Enchanting Glow

Craft Captivating Ambiance with Flickering Elegance

Discover Attentive Events' Collection of Candle Lanterns

Infuse your event with enchanting glow using Attentive Events' exquisite Candle Lanterns collection. Our intricately designed lanterns are designed to craft captivating ambiance with flickering elegance. Whether you're hosting an indoor soirée or an outdoor gathering, the warm, flickering light from these lanterns will weave a captivating, magical ambiance that your guests will cherish.

Small cream metal lantern with 8 hour burn tea light candle

£5.50 Each

Small candle lantern IRON - with tea light candle

£5.50 Each

Pole Lantern Iron & Glass - with 8 hour burn tea light candle

£9 Each

Large Candle Lantern - with 15 watt RGB uplighter

£28 Each

Large 'Kadai' fire bowl with stand (Small logs recommended - supplied by client) - For outdoor use only

£60 Each

Unveil Elegance and Mystique

At Attentive Events, we believe in unveiling elegance and mystique through our Candle Lanterns. These lanterns are more than just lighting; they are the vessels of a magical atmosphere. Our Candle Lanterns have transformed various events, creating an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

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Ready to make your event truly magical with our Candle Lanterns? Contact us today to discuss your lantern requirements, get a quote, and book your rental. Let us help you create events that exude elegance and mystique, thanks to the warm, flickering glow of our Candle Lanterns.

Cherish Magical Moments

Cherish magical moments with Attentive Events' Candle Lanterns. Create events that exude elegance and mystique, weaving a captivating, magical ambiance your guests will cherish. Our collection showcases the tools to add a touch of enchantment and elegance to any setting. Make your event truly memorable with the warm, flickering glow of our intricately designed lanterns. Choose us to illuminate your event and craft an atmosphere that leaves a lasting, magical impression.